Friday, April 2, 2010

3rd Campaign 2010

Steam It
Price : RM 49.90

CozyNest Set
Price: RM69.80

Buy Steam It & CozyNest at
Price : RM 119.70
Get FREE CozyNest Petit(2) & Flexi Cutting Mats(2)

Ezy Pour Medium(2) 600ml
Price : RM59.80

Ezy Paste Container with Spoon(2) 580ml
Price : RM 53.80

Salt N Spice Set(2) 500ml
Price : RM 26.60

Buy Salt N Spice Set(4) 500ml at
Price : RM 50.40
Get FREE Midget

Season Serve
Price : RM 49.80
Now : RM 32.40 (save 35%)

Garlic-N-All Keeper(1) 3L
Price : RM59.90

Rice Dispenser(1) 10.5Kg
Price : RM288.00

Microwaveable Rice Cooker(1)2.2L
Price : Rm78.80

Small Saver (4) -Gift Box

Price : RM 32.00

Small Saver (8) -Gift Box

Retail :RM 64.00

Now : RM 49.90

Mum's Lunch Set

Retail : RM 59.30

Now : RM 49.90

Buy Mum's Lunch Set, U can buy Small Handy Bowl(4)

ONLY at RM9.90

B2B Snack Stor(1)Price : RM 39.90

B2B Slice & Stor(2)Price : RM 59.80

CrystalWave SetRetail : RM 67.90Now : RM 57.70
With every purchase of Crystalwave Set, u can buySmall Round Container(2) ONLY RM 3.90

Large Square Round(3)Price : RM66.90

Medium Square Round(4)Price : RM68.00

Square Round(4)Price : RM49.60

Square Round Gift Set (FREE Shallow Square round(2))Price : RM 169.00

Fruity Smoothie Collection(4)Price : RM62.90

Fruity Smoothie Collection(8)Retail : RM 125.80Now : RM 113.20

Fridge Water Bottle(1)Price : RM 39.90

Handy Cool(2)Price : RM59.80

Rectangular Water Container(1)Price : RM 94.20

FridgeSmart Large(2)Price : RM157.60

Modular Keeper with Grid(1) 9.4LPrice : RM86.90

Sports BootlePrice : RM 39.80
High Handolier with PouchRetail : RM 52.90Now : RM45.00
Thirstquake Tumbler with PouchPrice Rm39.20
Thirstbreak Tumbler(4)Price : RM 50.40
Beverage BuddyRetail : Rm 36.30Now : RM 30.90
Cool Blue & Mint Green Eco Bottle(2)Price : RM 49.80
Eco Bottle Strap(1)Price : RM 4.90 nett with every purchase Eco Bottle

Modular Mates Essential Set(GIFT BOX)Price : RM 209.60
Modular Mates Rectangular Set(GIFT BOX)Price : RM 143.20
Modular Mates Starter Set(GIFT BOX)RM 86.50

New Home Starter Set(GIFT BOX)Retail : RM 219.00Now : RM 175.20FREE!! MM Large Spice(2)
MM Square II(2)Retail: RM 72.80Now : RM 58.20
Butterfly Beauties Retail : RM 117.80Now : RM 94.20

Water DispenserPrice : RM 156.80
Outdoor CoolerPrice : RM 99.80
Small Goody Box With Cariolier(4)Retail : RM 73.80Now : RM 59.00
Large Square Away(4)Price : RM 61.60
GOFLEX(2)Price : RM 69.80

FreezerMate Large II(GIFT BOX)Price : RM 193.00
FreezerMate Medium SetPrice : RM 154.30
FreezerMate Starter SetPrice : RM 105.00

Legacy Floria Microwaveable Serving Set (GIFT BOX)Price : RM 165.00
Legacy Floria Bowls(4)Price : RM 25.60
Legacy Floria Plates(4)Price : RM 44.80
Caribbean PitcherRetail : RM 49.80Now : RM 39.80
Caribbean Mugs With Seals(4)Retail : RM 46.80Now : RM 37.40

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good News For Tupperware Lovers!!!!!

If you have sale RM500 under your name,
and recruit 2 friends under you,
and your friend (each) must have sale min RM150 under their name
before 31st March 2010, Then


1. Start April 2010, YOUR members price will be 25%

2. Tupperware hampers

3. Overriding bonus

4. Plus, tupperware's member bonus, If you have the sale of RM500 in one bill -
u can buy :-Tupperware
- 3 pcs at only RM11.90 (purchase rm500.00 in one bill) -(optional)
- 2 sets (6pcs) or 4 pcs with disc 35% + another 20%
- 6 pcs of 3-in-1 cutlery (rm2.90 each)
- 2 pcs Tupperware Sustainability Bag (rm3.90 each)
Be the 1st to get all this privillege!!!!

.::Speci@l Annivers@sary S@le::.

Please click on image to enlarge
Please click on image to enlarge

Monday, March 15, 2010

2nd Campaign 2010

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Thursday, January 14, 2010

1st campaign 2010

CNY Abundance & Prosperity Gift Set
Retail: RM69.60
Now: RM55.70

Tall Canister
Retail: RM69.90
Now: RM55.90

One Touch Canister Large (2)
Retail: RM79.60
Now: RM63.70

One Touch Canister Small (4)
Retail: RM109.20
Now: RM87.40

CNY Plum Blossoms Collection (4)
Retail: RM95.20
Now: RM79.90

CNY Plum Blossoms Collection (8)
Retail: RM190.40
Now: RM148.80

CozyNest Set
Retail: RM69.80
FREE CozyNest Petit with every purchase of CozyNest Set

Shape-O-Toy Keychain only RM1.90 nett with every purchase of 2 sets of CozyNest Set

Rice Dispenser
Retail: RM288.00
(FREE Florial bowl(4) -RM25.60 with every purchase of rice dispenser)

Multi Keeper
Retail: RM118.00
Now: RM99.00

EXCLUSIVE! With every purchase of Rice Dispenser:
Multi Keeper
Retail: RM118.00
Now: RM69.90

Microwaveable Rice Cooker
Retail: RM99.00
Now: RM78.80

Wash N’ Strain
Retail: RM35.00
Now: RM19.90

Modular Mates Essential Set Plus
Retail: RM272.60
Now: RM198.00
FREE Freezermate Small I (2)

Season Serve
Retail: RM49.80

Large Stor N Pour
Retail: RM63.00

Salt N Spice Set
Retail: RM29.60

Cutting Board
Retail: RM39.80
Now: RM31.80

Garlic-N-All Keeper
Retail: RM59.90
B2B Snack Stor
Retail: RM39.90

B2B Slice & Stor
Retail: RM59.80

Jellete Set
Retail: RM51.60
Now: RM39.90
FridgeSmart Large
Retail: RM157.60

Canister Large
Retail: RM54.10
Now: RM39.90

Square Round 500ml
Retail: RM49.60

Square Round 880ml
Retail: RM68.00

Square Round 2L
Retail: RM66.90

Square Round Gift Set
Retail: RM169.00
FREE Shallow Square Round (2)
Fridge Water Bottle
Retail: RM39.90

Handy Cool
Retail: RM59.80
Now: RM49.80

Rectangular Water Container
Retail: RM94.20
Now: RM75.40